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The Drone Industry is a Customer Service Industry

The drone service industry is always changing. New technologies are popping up on a weekly basis, which can augment the way in which we do business. But there’s something that’s way more important than having the newest drone or latest cloud processing system. In order to best fulfill the needs of your customers and to be successful, you can use this age old tool. It’s free of charge and highly valuable. It’s name? Customer service.

I’m Not in a Drone Business

When people find out that I fly drones professionally, many people are amazed. “You can make money flying drones?!?”, they ask. The reality is that you can make money doing almost anything.

Any job is really a customer service job, but that couldn’t be more true than when you work in the drone service industry. Everything you do relates around the customer’s needs, whether it pertains to photos, videos, mapping, or anything else. Finding out what the customer wants and needs is vital to success, and if you can make the customer happy, your odds of success go up exponentially.

Customer Service Isn’t Always Easy

While I always strive to provide the best service possible, sometimes it’s not as easy as you’d think. In the drone industry, we see people who think pilots are just playing with toys or ask why you can’t provide certain shots (exceeding 400 feet AGL, flying in high interference areas, etc). While some customers can certainly be stubborn, I feel a lot of this stems from the fact that the drone industry is new and not much is known about laws or the technology.

The best approach when these situations arise is to know that most of these issues aren’t done out of malice. You can diffuse many of the objections or concerns that arise by communicating effectively and explaining how things work in the drone industry. Offer alternatives instead of denying certain shots, and show that you’re willing to do what it takes to make your customer happy.

Remember, there aren’t too many people licensed and ready to do commercial work, so if you impress your client, you’ll likely have lots of steady work down the line.

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