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Tips for Flying Your New Drone

Black Friday has just passed, and there were some excellent deals on drones. Undoubtedly, hundreds of thousands of people will be opening new drones over the Christmas season, bringing a lot of joy to the faces of the new pilots. Unfortunately, a lot of people will soon crash their new craft into houses, trees, or the water, ruining what was likely a thoughtful (and pricey) purchase from a loved one. Because of that, we thought we’d put together some tips for successful post-Christmas flights this year.

Tip 1: Read the Instructions

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to read the instruction manuals that come with their drones. Many times these manuals include specific things to do in the event of a specific situation. A quick start guide is also included, and should be the absolute minimum read to get your bird in the air, with more instruction read down the line.

Tip 2: Watch YouTube Videos

We highly recommend you search up YouTube reviews and videos related to your specific drone. A lot of people before you have flown the exact model drone you now own, and can give you some tips and advice on the aircraft. Often times there are specific quirks with different drones, and knowing what to expect from outside the official channels is a great resource.

Tip 3: Don’t Go Crazy (At First)

When you first lift off, it’s an exhilarating experience. You feel like a bird, and think you can do anything in the sky. Unfortunately, this feeling is a key ingredient to the recipe for disaster. When you first fly, you should be conservative, allowing yourself to have learn how your drone flies and controls. Give yourself a large open space to fly, and go easy on the sticks for the first several flights until you feel comfortable.

Tip 4: Have Fun!

Your new drone is meant to be a way to have fun, so make sure to enjoy it! Sure, there’s a ton of different things you can do to make your drone profitable, but now isn’t the time for that. Get out there and enjoy your new bird!

From the staff at miDrone to you and your family, have a happy holiday season. If you ever have any questions regarding your drone, please feel free to contact us!

Happy flying!

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